Fresh. local. sustainable. award winning.

The Kennesaw State University Farmer’s Market was created to offer the KSU community the opportunity to purchase fresh, locally, naturally, and organically grown produce, products and goods from local farmers, growers, businesses and artisans. Our purpose is to provide support for healthy growing practices, strengthen the local economy, encourage healthy lifestyles, educate the KSU community on sustainable agriculture, and support the overall sustainability efforts of Culinary Services and Kennesaw State University.


The KSU Farmers Market began in Fall 2012, as an exciting addition to KSU’s Culinary Sustainability Initiatives. In May, 2010, KSU’s Farm-To-Campus program was launched with two-acres of farmland and an apiary. A year later, KSU acquired another 40 acres including 6,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space. The Farm’s heirloom vegetables and honey are both served in The Commons dining hall. Culinary Services is striving to establish sustainable practices in all areas and offering the KSU community an opportunity to purchase fresh, local produce at an on-campus Farmer’s Market is just one of those practices.

The Market is sponsored and supported by Culinary Services and R.C. Paul, Director of Sustainability for Kennesaw State University. Also with the initial help from a group of students from KSU’s Environmental Sustainability class, this initiative became a reality. The market volunteers are overseen by the Students for Environmental Sustainability organization or S.E.S.  S.E.S collaborates with the department of Culinary and Hospitality Services. S.E.S offers farmers and producers assistance with business planning and conducts research regarding farmers market “Best Practices”.


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The KSU Farmer’s Market is a producer-only farmers market offering fresh, local, Georgia grown, organic, and naturally grown produce and products. Producer-only means that everything at the market has been grown, raised or made by the seller and this helps to ensure fair prices for both vendors and consumers. Farmers markets enable farmers the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with their customers and cultivate consumer loyalty.


The Market features a variety of vendors selling their own products, including vegetable and fruit farmers, meat and dairy producers, bread makers, cheese mongers, and many other entrepreneurial food specialists.