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Summer Student Meal Plans 2017

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A la Carte Student Summer Meal Plans 2017

Summer 2017 Meal Plans are open to all KSU Students, but will not automatically be assessed to your student account, all meal plans are voluntary in the summer semester. We understand that many students like to take advantage of having a meal plan though. To get your Summer meal plan, please visit mealplans.kennesaw.edu Starting May 15, 2017. Select Student Meal Plans, enter your net ID and password. You will notice a few changes: per student feedback you can now create your own meal plan and we have made our pricing more competitive. Select the block amount of meals that fits your dining habits best, then select the Dining Dollar amount you would like to have for the summer semester. Keep in mind you can combine the options in any way you please. Below is what your choices look like:


Block Amount
Block Amount Block Cost Per Meal
(1-2 meals per week)
$97.50 $9.75
(2 – 3 meals per week)
(4-5 meals per week)
$360.00 $9.00
(10 meals per week)
$700.00 $8.75
(12-13 meals per week)
$850.00 $8.50
(17-18 meals per week)
$1120.00 $8.00



Dining Dollars
Dining Dollars Cost Actual Dining Dollars Received Bonus %
$25 $25.00 0%
$50 $52.50 5%
$100 $107.00 7%
$200 $220.00 10%