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A. Seeing how many meals you have left is easy! First, visit the K-Cash Manager website (link opens in a new window) and log in with your NetID and password, just as you would your student e-mail address. Once you’ve logged in, the system will show you which plan you’ve purchased, how many meals you’ve used, and how many you have remaining. This will also show your Dining Dollars transactions and balance as well
A. Students and employees with Access meal plans (7, 14, 25, 40, 78, or 115) may bring guests into The Commons. All you have to do is swipe your ID card for each of the people you are bringing with you. Guests with 3Square or Gold plans are provided a total of five guest meals per semester, which can be used in The Commons. Guests with 3Square or Gold plans must notify the cashiers they would like to use a guest plan.
A. Certain types of financial aid may be applied to board expenses (this is how meal plans are classified). Students are urged to be proactive in working with the Office of Student Financial Aid to secure aid that can be used for board expenses. Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship does not cover meal plan expenses.
A. Meal plan exemption and cancellation request forms are accepted on the basis of pre-existing financial and medical circumstances only. These forms can be found on the Documents page of our website. Please note that applying for an exemption or cancellation is not a guarantee of approval.
A. Meal plans are required for a few different reasons. First, as stated by the Student Government Association (SGA) in their meal plan recommendations, we believe the addition of a meal plan and dining hall at KSU will enhance the quality of campus life and increase student involvement on campus. Second, based on funding restrictions, the State of Georgia does not provide funding for auxiliary enterprises, which includes the construction of The Commons. The combination of these factors led the Cabinet to approve the existing meal plan requirements, which became effective in Fall 2009.
A. We are aware there are a number of students at KSU who are engaged in experiential learning (a few examples: TOSS, student teaching, full-time internships, study abroad, and designated Web Learners). Designated Web Learners, students in study abroad courses, and students in TOSS and student teaching will be automatically exempted from their meal plan requirement. Students in internship programs must notify Culinary Services of their internship and, in order to be exempted, the student must be a full-time intern (at least 12 credit hours). Part-time internships are not exempted.
A. All requirements can be found on the Meal Plan page. All students with fewer than 30 earned credit hours are considered first-year students.
A. Full-time DEHP (Dual-Enrollment Honors Program) students who commute to classes at KSU are not required to purchase a meal plan. Any DEHP students residing in on-campus housing will be required to participate at the first-year student level. DEHP students who are not required to participate are welcome to do so on a voluntary basis.
A. We are able to accommodate for a variety of food-related allergies and preferences. We do realize, however, that there are some students with severe medical restrictions that we cannot accommodate for. For this reason, we have the Exemption and Cancellation Request processes in place.
A. The Dining Dollars account is a special account available only to KSU Students, and is managed with the KSU ID card. Funds in this account can be used to purchase food at any of the venues operated by Culinary & Hospitality Services (see our Dining Dollars page for more information). Dining Dollars are automatically included with each of our meal plans, so you can now use your meal plan at any dining venue on campus!
A. No. Dining Dollars are available only to students.
A. The minimum required meal plan will automatically be added to the students’ Owl Express account when they register for courses. Payment is due with tuition and fees. Faculty and staff members may purchase a meal plan via
A. Students wishing to upgrade to a larger plan should complete a Meal Plan Upgrade request in Owl Express. This can be found in the Student Services menu of Owl Express once you’ve logged in. It is extremely important that all upgrade requests be completed by 5:00pm on the last day of Add/Drop each semester, or they WILL NOT be posted to your student account. After Add/Drop is over, students may purchase additional meals via (this may be done at any point in the semester).
A. Meal plans are valid for only the semester for which they are purchased and remaining meals will not carry to the following semester. Any unused meals will expire at the end of each semester. Unused Dining Dollars will carry forward from fall to spring semester, and all unused Dining Dollars will expire at the end of each spring semester. Summer Dining Dollars are valid during the summer semester only and will not roll forward to future semesters.
A. All employment with Culinary & Hospitality Services is done through Sodexo, our food service management company. Culinary & Hospitality Services does not oversee the hiring process for food service employees on campus.