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Student Meal Plans

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The last day to use Swipes will be December 12th, 2016

What meal plan do I have?

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Kennesaw State’s award-winning meal plan program incorporates two convenient components with easy access on the KSU ID card: Meals and Dining Dollars. Meal plans can be used in both Stingers (Marietta) and The Commons (Kennesaw) and Dining Dollars can be used in any on-campus eatery. During the fall and spring semesters, a base-level meal plan will be automatically included for all full-time students and all on-campus residents. *

Meal plan requirements are based on two factors: the number of adjusted earned credit hours on a student’s transcript and whether or not the student lives on campus.

Requirements are as follows:

First-year residential students will automatically be assessed the Weekly8 plan, which includes 8 meals per week (Monday – Sunday) and $500 Dining Dollars. First-years residents have the option to switch to the Weekly10 plan (10 meals per week and $200 Dining Dollars) that would also satisfy the mandatory meal plan requirement and would provide two more meals per week with $200 Dining Dollars.

Meal plan requirements for full-time first year commuters, sophomores, juniors and residential seniors are listed below. There is no required meal plan for commuter seniors or graduate students.

  • Residential first-year
    (less than 30 earned credit hours)
  • Entries / 8 per week
  • Swipes reset Saturday at 12AM
  • Dining Dollars / $500
  • Residential first-year
    (less than 30 earned credit hours)
  • Entries / 10 per week
  • Swipes reset Saturday at 12AM
  • Dining Dollars / $200
  • Automatically assessed to First Year Commuter
    (0-29 earned credit hours)
  • Entries / 40 per semester
  • Dining Dollars / $75
  • Automatically assessed to Residential or Commuter Sophomore/Junior
    (30-89 earned credit hours)
  • Entries / 14 per semester
  • Dining Dollars / $20
  • Automatically assessed to Residential Senior
    (90+ earned credit hours) &
    Graduate Resident
    (90+ earned credit hours)
  • Entries / 7 per semester
  • Dining Dollars / $10

Meal Plan Upgrade Options

Upgrade during add/drop to any optional meal plan that is larger than your minimum requirement or add an optional meal plan at any time during the semester!

  • Entries / 25 per semester
  • Dining Dollars / $60    
  • Entries / 75 per semester
  • Dining Dollars / $150    
  • Entries / 115 per semester
  • Dining Dollars / $100  
  • Entries / Three per day; resets daily
  • Dining Dollars / $200
  • Guest meals per semester / 5

NEW! Dining Dollar Plans

Add on any of these Dining Dollar plans to your card to save on 6% sales tax! All purchases in the amounts below also receive a 10% bonus.

Dining Dollar 50 + 5 Bonus Dollars

    Total Dining Dollars / $55

Dining Dollar 100 + 10 Bonus Dollars

    Total Dining Dollars / $110

Dining Dollar 250 + 25 Bonus Dollars

    Total Dining Dollars / $275

Get more value for your dollar and upgrade to any of the plans listed above by logging into your Owl Express account and selecting the “Meal Plan Upgrade” link in the Student Services menu. It takes only seconds and is simple: you pay only the total cost of the upgrade!

*SPSU students that were actively enrolled during the Spring 2015 semester and had accrued 30 or more credit hours by the end of the Spring 2015 semester will not have a meal plan automatically included while actively they are enrolled at KSU unless they have a residential status on the Kennesaw campus.

Students who are not automatically assigned a meal plan are welcome to purchase a meal plan by completing a Meal Plan Contract or purchasing a plan from our convenient online store.
Full-time = Registered for 12 or more credit hours per semester / Part-time = Registered for fewer than 12 credit hours per semester

Student type exemptions

    • Students with a full‐time, off‐campus internship. ✝
    • Students in their TOSS or student teaching semesters. ✝✝
    • Students enrolled in 100% online or hybrid courses. ✝✝
    • Students enrolled in a study abroad program. ✝✝
    • Students with approved medical or financial circumstances. ✝
    • Currently enrolled SPSU students (Spring 2015) who will have at least 30 earned credit hours by the end of the spring. Note: Students who meet these conditions but choose to live in housing on the Kennesaw Campus will not be exempted from meal plan requirements. ✝✝
    • Students who are post 9/11 veterans. ✝
✝ These exemptions require an approved Cancellation Request Form.
✝✝ These exemptions are automatic and do not require a Cancellation Request Form.